About Us

I 2010 Danish National Television had a quiz show about guessing the retail prices on real estate in Thailand. The name of the show was Hammerslag (Gavel Down). One of the tasks for the contestants was to guess the price on a house in the resort – Pineapple Hills Resort – that later came to be our resort. A lot of Danes saw the show and some of us actually ended up buying a house.

In 2013 the associated house owners bought the entire resort and all the facilities. This is now our paradise and not just a house but a home when we visit Thailand.

We named the resort Pineapple Hills Resort because the resort is situated beautifully in the shadows of the mountains and next to the  peaceful Pineapple fields that characterizes the area.

About half of the house owners have put their houses up for rent. The income made from the rental business helps us to keep our little Paradise running in Tip-Top condition.

We are very proud of our resort and our achievements in running the restaurant, the green areas, service center and Mini-Mart ect.. We love our long swimmingpools, and the feeling that we are one big family because we are only 36 houses. We hope that everybody who visits Pineapple Hills can sense the devotion we have put into the resort.

You do not rent at house you rent a home, and we hope you will feel at home from the very first day you stay in Pineapple Hills Resort.

A staff of local people are providing all the services needed for running our resort. They cover all needs from resort manager and cook to gardening and cleaning. The are very devoted to their work and we are very proud of them. If You come to visit, we know they will work hard to make your stay as pleasant and memorable as they possibly can.

We hope you will visit our resort.